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Track your kids

The technology we have today was science fiction for fifty or a hundred years ago. We know have things like cell phones, cars that can be driven on hydrogen och gps bracelet. These are fantastic inventions that has not been seen before, more that in the science fiction books. Tha GPS bracelet is one of those things that you saw on Star Wars. You know that thing they had on their arm that could localize where one is, that is a reality that today can be bought by any one.

Traveling by buss.

I really did not know that one of the most common joint complaints are the knee joints complaints. There are a lot of people who have problems with this. I read an article about this in the buss on my way to my work. Since my car had to go to the garage I am traveling by buss to my work and I ever did expect that I really like traveling at this way. I am relaxed and even when I am still a little bit tired I can take some rest in the buss. When I traveled with my ...

Can't help

If I knew what a polarization modulator is. Ehhh, well no, I didn't. I expected many questions when my niece called me for the fifty second time to help her with her homework, but certainly not this one. And I don't recall that I ever had that at school when I was a child. Anyway, they learn many other things now than I did back then. And it's a good thing, because I feel that a lot of the things I learned are now not useful anymore, because the world changed a lot in thirty years. It's just a little ...